A Way Of Love...

Came into being as a result of a personal journey that began 5 years ago. Founder, Leeanne, woke up from the fog that was her life. From the outside; it all looked like she was living the American Dream; was a stay at home mom (former architect) with 3 beautiful babies, a home, a successful husband, loving friends and a supportive family.

Except... Leeanne says; "I was dying on the inside. I was riddled with fear, self-doubt, and insecurity... to sum it up, I felt terrorized by my inside feelings and was relying, heavily, on alcohol and medication to help me feel "normal" again. "

It wasn't until Leeanne walked into the halls of recovery, as a support to someone she loved, that she heard her story being told by countless others. The common denominator that she shared with those people was fear, self-doubt and insecurity and the ensuing un-manageability that life had become.

"I could no longer deny that I suffered from the so-called disease of alcoholism. I wanted, with my whole being, the freedom that those, that found the solution to this disease, were experiencing. I wanted to live my best life and live it in the most authentic way I could find."

And so... her journey began.

Leeanne's Journey became one of self-discovery, learning how to live life on life's terms and overcoming the fear to ask for help.

"One of the biggest lessons that I have learned, these 5 past years, is that I am not alone in the pursuit of healing my body, my mind and my soul. I have learned that we all have scars from life, from loss, from battles we continue to fight. Why go it alone?"

"My Journey has become not only one of Self, but of learning to help other's along life's path. My journey has led me to the understanding that we all need to hold space for ourselves and for one another to learn and grow."

Leeanne's mission is to help empower others... to heal, to grow, to celebrate living life on life's terms.

Leeanne is available to lead workshops on meditation, yoga, 12-step recovery, female empowerment, parenting connection, and a multitude of other life-affirming workshops... as we all make a go of this thing called life and make it A Way Of Love, together.