Dear Life... WTF!

Dear Life… WTF!
I believed that if I did what "conventional" wisdom told me to do that everything would just work out the way it's "supposed" to and l'd live happily ever after. I thought that if I was the good girl, the A-student, the great athlete, and graduated college I'd automatically be successful. I even began a successful career, found a good man who became my husband, bought a great home and had three amazing children. Isn't that suppose to result in never-ending peace, love, and joy?

No, I didn't count on those miscarriages, the heartache of losing my sister to suicide, the real estate market bust, the economic depression, lost job, lost income, failed marriage, alcoholism, or the complete loss of my emotional center. No, nothing could have prepared me for those many bumps along my path.

Yet, I am still here. I am breathing, I am living. In fact, life, I am thriving!
You tried to throw me curve balls, didn't ya? Thought you could trip me up, but you didn't count on me deciding that I was worth more than those pitfalls. They may have left a few ugly bruises, but guess what… bruises heal!

I am here to say that my path is lit brighter than ever.
I ought to thank you, life. In fact…. I ought to throw my arms around you and say "I love you!" That's how I feel! I love you, truly and deeply! You've shown me how worthy I am of happiness, love, peace, and authentic joy in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You've taught me how to love myself profoundly. To continue on this journey called life.

I eagerly await what may lay around each bend. Will it be something to help me grow stronger, wiser, and more loving, or will it be a great slice of chocolate ganashe cake that I can share with a circle of women who inspire and support me? I'll take either… cuz that is what life is about. I've found… it's about remaining open to the mystery of each experience you throw in my path and how I will use it to make me a better human and in turn share my experience, strength and hope to inspire others along their path.

So, Life… all I can say to you is... Bring it on!

With love, gratitude and continuous faith,