Here, By the Grace of God

I am removing the veil of anonymity that I have as a grateful recovering alcoholic. My goal in doing this is to remove the shame that shrouds addiction. My fear tells me I should be silent, but my heart… Hell No! I believe that I need to help reinvent society's perception of those in recovery or those seeking recovery. I'm sick of the stigma. No, I'm not sick of it… I'm angry at it! I believe that the stigma is what is keeping people in the shadows of their disease, afraid to seek help. 

Some friends say that it isn't worth it, that I risk losing my standing as a reputable member of my community, being labeled an alcoholic and having my clarity or competence as a decent member of society questioned.

I say… screw that! 
This is my truth. I am a beautiful woman. I am a fantastic mom. I am a reliable co-worker. I am an honest, helpful and committed resident of Whitman. Is losing my anonymity worth it? I say if it helps save someone through sharing my personal experience, then not only is it worth it, but it is necessary.

My friends in recovery are not heathens. They are just like you and I, attempting to make the best of their life. Some of them may have struggled with alcohol, drugs, mental illness, a difficult childhood, or nothing at all. Perhaps living on life's terms simply became too overwhelming and they lost their footing. Was it a traumatic departure of a loved one, divorce, lost income, illness, etc?

 We all have some difficulty of one nature or another to contend with. Why not let us all acknowledge that we are on a journey of recovery and self-discovery of some kind? Why not let us all create a space where we commit to bringing truth to our existence, live it more authentically, and support our neighbors in doing the same?  Please join me in encouraging and supporting those in our community that have chose to better themselves, which in turn will better ourselves.

Here, by the grace of God;  go I,