leeanne Delory

Founder & Director of AWOL Yoga Project

Tea fanatic, Pinterest junkie, Reiki practitioner, and Yogi. Inspired by those who follow their bliss and are captivated by the breadth of this life. Her interwoven talents include (but certainly aren't limited to): mother, mentor, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, writer and enthusiastic seeker of truth. She has an uncanny magnetism for bringing people together and is a fire starter for ideas, concepts and above all, laughter. Leeanne is passionate about empowering others to be their own healers; mastering both their physical and emotional well being and finding the avenues to better live their soul's purpose. She practices what she preaches, living with her heart wide open. 

For Inquiries, please email at leeanneg@awolyoga.com or call 617-947-5792