One on One Healing Yoga (Adults)


One on One Healing Yoga (Adults)


Yoga, one of the top ten most widely practiced forms of complementary alternative medicine in the United States, incorporates techniques of breathing exercises, physical postures, movement, relaxation and mindfulness.

Yoga is a tremendously ancient art, used for centuries not only to strengthen and improve the body, but also to help the soul.

Traditional yoga is about much more than just improving your physique – it’s a transformative art, integrating our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies which supports people in their healing journey and equips them with the ability to walk through life with more peace and ease.

Contact Leeanne DeLory to schedule a Consultation on how we may work together to help equip you on your healing journey.

All one-on-one or small group classes are held at:

The Well - A Center for Hope & Healing
1029 Pleasant St.
Bridgewater, MA

Instructor: Leeanne DeLory

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Yoga as a Complementary Treatment for PTSD.

It calms the nervous system.

  • Breathing is a regulatory tool. For people who have PTSD, their ability to regulate the central nervous system is off. The hypervigilance of PTSD means they’re always on alert. Breathing is a natural tool to self-regulate and calm down without medication. It brings the parasympathetic nervous system back in line ahead of the sympathetic system, regulating the central nervous system.

  • Postures combined with Mindfulness help people with PTSD who might disassociate from their body. Yoga brings them back to their body and helps them see that it’s still OK. Gently guided postures allow people to become more aware of the connection between the physical and emotional response that their body is having, allowing them to be experienced, without freaking out, and knowing it will pass. 

  • Practicing Yoga, Breathing Techniques and Mindfulness helps one to cultivate a healthier relationship with their physical and emotional body that is strong and feels comfortable, this can contribute substantially to help someone overcome debilitating anxiety and support them living a life with more ease and comfort.